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Couples Dating

So you’re interested in becoming a swinger and you’ve met a couple or a single bi-female that you and your spouse think is hot, and now you’re ready to go out on a date… isn’t that kind of weird? Where will we go? Are we supposed to talk about sex? What if they’re crazy?

The answers to those four questions are:
1) yes at first,
2) wherever you’d go on a regular date,
3) only if you like to, and
4) we’re all a little crazy, so stop acting silly.

It’s just a date after all, and a potentially delicious one at that. Maybe dinner. Maybe dancing. Maybe a movie. Or straight to a bar for Tequila shooters and a game of 20 sexy questions. Get together and do whatever you want, it’s your call. Couples dating can be one of the most exciting things you can do because as a new swinger you have never done it before. Imagine hanging out with a couple where your lady finds the other guy attractive, and you can’t wait to get his partner naked and make her squirm. There are so many scenarios you can imagine in couples dating, but one of the most important things you can do as a couple is to set boundaries with your partner before the date starts because you never know where you may end up. This is one of the biggest mistakes that newbie swingers make but it is easily overcome with a little planning.

Don’t be afraid to talk about sex, but don’t hawk on it either. The phrase “going with the flow” has never been more appropriate, just relax and do/say what comes naturally. Don’t forget to be completely honest about what you’re doing in the swingers lifestyle, even if you’re just curious. And don’t be shy about asking about their experience in the swingers lifestyle too. Swingers often refer to group chemistry as a “vibe”, and you’ll hear it more and more. The vibe is an overall feeling of clicking with several couples and singles at once and when nurtured properly, can land you flesh-deep in erotic play for hours and hours… and hours more. Once you get the “vibe” going you may even end up at a swingers club where you can experience even more pleasures.

Couples dating can be very fulfilling and lead to some incredible stimulation. Don’t be shy, go to the top of the page and click on the link in the orange box to connect with swingers from all over the world or right next door!

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