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Let’s face it – when you’re reading swingers personals and enjoying the juicy fantasies with your lover, you know that you’re reading, well, a personal ad. Obviously the couple (or gal or guy) wants to put their best foot forward (or their breasts, or butts?), so they took a lot of time and thought about how to best phrase things.

But what if you want to hear what swingers really think? What do they laugh about? Cry about? How do they let each other know about house parties? How do they sing about the orgy they had last night? The one tonight? Are there health issues? Which is the best swingers club?

If you’re traveling, how do you know where the local swingers go to party? Which club is that couple you’ve had your eye on going to tonight?

The answer is the “Swingers Talk” board, and it’s as addictive as any drug you may have tried… there are THOUSANDS of topics on the board, ranging from swing etiquette to steamy stories to the best way to lick a woman until she screams. Find out what a lover’s favorite toy is. Ever decided on moving in a mail-order-sex-slave nanny? That topic is on the board right now (turns out it’s not that hard ~ sign me UP!) There are non-swinging issues as well – people talk about music, politics, current events, the law, and anything else you can think of. If you talk about it in life, they talk about it here.

Got a question? Ask it out loud – you’ll get answers immediately from real swingers who know the deal, and have been where you are.

One of the sexiest sections of the message board is, “swing success.” It focuses on couples that have had a recent night of lusty sexual encounters and are now sharing with the rest of the community how the night came to be so much fun. There are few places on earth where learning can be so damn WILD! Swingers talk is just a click away. Go to the top of the page and click on the link in the orange box to start talking!

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