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Swinging 101

So now you’re a newbie swinger… let’s review how you got here. By now, not only have you really talked about swinging with your partner, you’ve agreed to mutual limits and can now start talking to other swingers hoping to find a match. As you can imagine, 3-way, 4-way, and more-way dating is about as intimidating as it gets, trying to get on the same sexual page with everybody at the same time. So when doing your profile on, make sure to pay special attention to the “fantasies” section. This is a good place to firm up what the two of you are looking for, and a GREAT place to find out what gets your neighbors really hot… it’s also a great place to learn new and kinky twists to your sex life regardless of whether or you have already hooked up with other swingers or just thinking about swinging.

So now it’s time to get together on a real live date – maybe dinner and a movie? Maybe a small group of lovelies at a strip club? Maybe you’re having your own little amateur striptease party, followed up by a dip in the hottub at your place? You set the pace, and your friends enjoy it with you, together.

There are many ways to get involved in the swingers lifestyle but the best is to join and start connecting with all the local swingers in your area. You may be surprised to find out someone you know is a swinger. For the most part swingers are a very private group and they love to let loose at a swingers club or a good swingers party. You won’t find nicer more respectful people than those in the swingers lifestyle, so what are you waiting for? This concludes swinging 101, but there are a lot of swingers waiting to expand your education so get started today!

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