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Swinging Couples

The difference between dating and swinging is couples, plain as that. Are you a swinging couple? Well there’s really only one way to find that out, but there are a few ways you can check out whether or not you might find orgies appealing (was there ever a question??). Simply ask yourself and your spouse some questions, and make sure you give yourselves honest answers – there will be a quiz on this later.

Is the lady of the house bisexual? Has she ever fantasized about being with a woman? With another man? With more than one sexual partner at the same time? Is either of you the jealous type? Possessive? Insecure?

Swinging couples can experience many different levels of sexual pleasure whether at a swingers house party or a private party for just a few swinging friends. This is what the swingers lifestyle is all about?.

Do you have a sex drive like the energizer bunny? Do you both? Do you like to whisper naughty things in each other’s ear while you’re in bed? Do you like the idea of only having sex with one person until you die? Does that idea sound like fun to anyone? If it doesn’t then getting involved in the swingers lifestyle is probably a good thing for you and you partner.

Becoming a swinging couple is not for everyone – one of the best things about Swingers Date Club is that you can set up a trial membership for free. You can even add pictures. Read the swingers message boards, hear from the mouths of other swingers. Read other swinging couples profiles. Do these people sound like you? Does it feel like you’ve arrived home? Do you catch yourself reading a swingers profile and saying “Honey, this pair I am looking at is AMAZING!”… and if not, simply let the free membership expire, and on you go with a little more knowledge than before… after all, isn’t learning and broadening your horizons the whole point of living each day out loud? Just go to the top of this page to start your free trial with and start enjoying the swingers lifestyle.

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