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Types of SDC Members

As you’ll quickly notice, there are many different types of swingers involvement. Whatever the craving, however, swingers almost always fall into a two broad groups, with some sub-groups within. This is a brief overview of the different types of swingers. If you are curious and want to get some firsthand knowledge from some of the hottest swingers in town just go to the top of the page and click in the orange box and get started!

SOFT SWING: This is usually a couple’s first few baby steps toward the swingers lifestyle. Soft swingers themselves fall into three different categories themselves, and this is why communication is sooooo important when hooking up with a new couple for the first time. The three sub-groups play differently and when combined make up about 75% of the swingers lifestyle’s patrons:

1. SAME ROOM – This is when a committed couple is in the same room with another couple, having sex with their own spouse while another couple either does the same or watches. Same room soft swingers get aroused by the mere presence of another set of eyes… watching and being watched heightens their erotic pleasure which leads to much more explosive orgasms.

They will, however, for the most part only play sexually with their own spouse. Even hardcore swingers (detailed below) usually start out in some sort of mild same-room scenario, and might spend years in this category before exploring further.

2. GIRL-GIRL ONLY – Two or more women play with each other in hot girl-girl action (just like the movies, and exactly like your fantasies), and their husbands either watch from the sidelines or participate only with their own wives. Most suited for this activity are bisexual women/bi-curious women and voyeuristic men.

3. SOFTCORE WIFE-SWAPPING – Women and men will switch sexual partners and play the day away, but there is no sexual intercourse. Activities include kissing, flirting, caressing, and oral sex. With this, there is still most often plenty of girl-girl action still going on, so the combinations are quite fun? Couples into softcore wife-swapping usually like the variety of new sexual partners, but prefer to save the intimacy of sex for each other.

FULL SWAP: Full swap has no real sub-groups and is quite straight forward ~ It is wife swapping for fucking, plain and simple. It is completely hardcore, the ultimate in sexual adventure, and not for the possessive or jealous. This can also include women who like to have two or more men servicing them at once in a gang-bang (if you’ve never watched a woman do DP in person, you’re really missing something), and can certainly include lots of girl-girl action. Full swap couples make up about 25% of all swingers, and if you ever find yourself in a full-swap encounter, leave your inhibitions at the door, strap-in, and get ready for a ride that you will never forget. While we all know that there’s nothing like a new sex partner, the trade off is that another guy gets to fuck your wife. So do a head-check and find out if watching your wife screaming in ecstasy while she takes another man’s cock to the hilt is on your list of fantasies.

In personal ads you’ll find a great many people that say, “we’re soft swing but will full-swap with the right couple”. This is totally normal, because swingers know that the night and its rules can change when the vibe changes… leaving your options open doesn’t mean you can’t change them back later, so remember to stay open-minded and enjoy yourself in the swingers lifestyle.

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